Awarded Outstanding by Ofsted 2014

Bus Stop Pre School Bookham Ofsted Outstanding"Children are highly motivated and show great enthusiasm as they play and learn." "Children thrive in this welcoming, vibrant and nurturing pre-school setting."

"Exceedingly good use is made of the outdoor learning environment where staff have established Forest School experiences creating a magical sense of wonder in the play experiences they offer to children. "

LOTC Gold Award 2015

Bus Stop has been awarded a Gold LOTC award for providing "quality educational experiences beyond the classroom walls".

The only pre-school Gold award in Surrey for Learning Outside the Classroom.

Parent Comments

Parent Comment written by Kerry whose daughter joined Bus Stop in Sept 2015

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise, If you go down to the woods today you won’t believe your eyes, For there are children playing and learning, making fire and watching wood burning, Because, today’s the day that children have their Forest School.

The Bus Stop to us is a magical and enchanting environment where learning is FUN and SAFE. You know you have selected the right place for your child to grow, develop and build relationships in when they come home happy, with a smile on their face wanting to go back for more.

When I drop my daughter off I know I have left her in safe and caring hand’s which is incredibly reassuring. Kate, Kelly and their team are amazing, they provide the children with freedom within a framework. Each child is unique and yet together as a community they demonstrate the core values of Forest School. Learning Outside the Classroom gives our children respect for the environment and makes ECO practises a way of life.

I just wish they had had Forest School when I was younger, we feel very privileged to be able to give our daughter this fabulous opportunity.

Parent Comment written by Nicki whose son joined Bus Stop in Sept 2016

My two year old son recently started at Bus Stop and he had a few sessions where he struggled with the goodbye as he was settling in. The team we're amazing the way they dealt with this. I felt supported without any fuss and I could see that Alby was being cared for with gentle understanding and massive experience! I felt 100% confident it was the best place for him to be. Now he gives me a cheery goodbye and runs in the door. I am thrilled for him for all the mini adventures and fun times he will have during his time here at Bus Stop.

Parent Comment written Claire whose son joined Bus Stop in Sept 2015: Bus Stop is simply fantastic! I love hearing my son talk about his adventures at pre school, from acting like clowns in music and movement to jumping in muddy puddles while out in forest school! They provide such a wide range of engaging and fun activities which really promote the children's learning both inside and outside the classroom. I couldn't have found a better setting for my son, he is so happy and has grown in ability and confidence and this is thanks to the Bus Stop team!

Parent Comment written Chris and Joanna, whose daughter attended Bus Stop in Sept 2014 and son who began pre-school in Sept 2016:

Taking Henry to Bus Stop is an absolute joy. Whilst the setting of Polesden Lacey is beautiful in itself - taking him through the gate to the Bus Stop team soon becomes the greatest privilege and joy for any parent and child. The introduction process is open, charismatic and informative. The care for the child always has a family feel, the activities are well organised (they are so busy it is difficult to keep up) the communication by the team is friendly and professional. Since Harvest, I had both Elizabeth and Henry singing a harvest song together in the car last week. Without a doubt Elizabeth's wonderful time with you gave us full confidence Henry would share the same joy at Bus Stop. One word, thank you...and especially for all the effort that goes unseen too!

Parent comment written by Emma whose son joined Bus Stop in Sept 2016:

Bus Stop Pre School has been great for my son Harry who started a few months ago. He is a very sensitive little boy and finds new surroundings a little daunting to start with but the fantastic staff at Bus Stop have helped him gain confidence and I have no doubt at all that he has a fun packed day when he is there, his development and independence has really improved just within the last two months of being there. I love the Forest School approach to the pre- school and as my son loves being outdoors this has proved to be the perfect setting for him to learn and develop in. The communication between parent and bus stop is fantastic and we get regular detailed emails on what the children have been doing during the sessions and what they have coming up in the following weeks. Bus Stop certainly is a little gem of a pre-school and I'm so happy to have found it, I know my son is happy there and I am confident he is in safe hands when I leave him for his full day sessions. I cannot thank the staff enough for all they are doing for Harry.

Parent comment written by Madeleine, whose daughter joined Bus Stop in Sept 2015:

"Bus Stop has been amazing and transformative for Emily. She loves it there and literally runs in every day. We are really pleased with the range of activities that Emily participates in from drinking hot chocolate around the camp fire to singing songs at Keswick House, visiting the green grocer and even French Lessons! The amazing staff, the facilities and the atmosphere are what makes Bus Stop truly special.”

Parent comment written by Danielle, whose son joined Bus Stop in Sept 2015 and daughter who began pre-school in Oct 2016:

The Bus Stop family has been a big part of my life, when I was younger and now my children’s. My son is excited to go to pre-school every day, to see his friends and teachers. He speaks about his teachers all the time especially Kate. He can explore inside and outside which I wouldn’t have any other way, as he is a very active child. We love Bus Stop.

Parent comment written by Clare, whose son joined Bus Stop in Sept 2015:

When you drop your precious child off for breakfast club feeling guilty you shouldn't be...and he bounds in without a care in the know Bus Stop is brilliant. When Louis brings exciting crafts home that he's made and describes how he did it, who helped him and how proud he know Bus Stop is brilliant. When our three year old educates us on composting, gardening and how to count to ten in three languages know Bus Stop is brilliant. When Louis chats about his friends, his concerns for them when they are poorly and his rejoicing when they return know Bus Stop is brilliant. The Bus Stop team inform me that Louis is very quiet and calm at Forest School... .....but as soon as Louis is in the car he "let's rip" with tales of pumpkins and acorns and conkers, most he tells me were foraged in the woods! His paint stained clothes lay tribute to fabulous creative time. His licking of lips suggests hot chocolate by the fire. His funny walk is replicated by his friends amongst a host of giggles! His empty lunch box suggests "I'm so happy and settled" and when he counts in French, his grandparents swoon! Louis is our precious young man but Bus Stop offers diamond care. We are so lucky. Precious times..."24 "carrot" care 😉 Very happy Mummy

Parent Comment – Written by Kirsty, whose son joined Bus Stop in 2012.

Our son has attended Bus Stop Nursery and Forest School since he was eleven months old and he is just coming up for his third birthday. Having had prior experience with his two older brothers going through various nursery and pre-schools I felt fairly confident about making the right choice of setting for him.

From our very first visit I was in no doubt this was right for us. Not only has Bus Stop met my expectations it has far exceeded them! He still runs in happily every session and is full of things to tell me about his day when I collect him. He is developing ,socially, physically, emotionally and academically in such positive ways and learning so much along the way.

The atmosphere created by the Bus Stop team enables all the children to play and learn in a calm, stimulating and caring environment. I feel totally confident leaving him in their care and know he's always going to have a great day.

The fantastic forest school sessions further add to the children's enjoyment of Bus Stop as they help the children develop a love for the great outdoors and become confident, creative little people even if occasionally a bit muddy!

My little boy has a very good understanding of how to play safely outside and experiences all the positive benefits outdoor play brings. Bus Stop goes a long way to redressing the balance in today’s world, reconnecting children with nature and giving them time to explore, play and learn. I would thoroughly recommend Bus Stop as a wonderful place for children to be. 

  Parent Comment – Written by Emma, whose daughter and son joined Bus Stop in 2013.

The team at Bus Stop provide a fantastic environment for the children to gain skills and confidence. The focus on making the most of the wonderful natural environment where Bus Stop is located ensures amazing opportunities for the children to learn, develop and have fun. Our children Love everything about it and have always rushed in without a backward glance, whilst we have total confidence in the care being provided; everyone is happy!

Parent Comment – Written by Kelly, whose daughter joined Bus Stop in 2012 and son joined in 2014.

'WOW' - what a wonderful place. I drop my son off and wish I was staying! Trips to the woods, a large garden to play in whatever the weather, lots of things to explore and learn inside too and of course hot chocolate around the fire square. Bus Stop really is an amazing place, where my son learns and enjoys everything he does, with people who really care and who provide such a loving atmosphere.

Parent Comment – Written by Corrine, whose daughter joined Bus Stop in 2011 and son who joined in 2012.

We could not find a better place for our children to attend pre-school. Quite simply it is everything you could wish for your child to enjoy - physically, emotionally and fun. The care and dedication of the team is outstanding.

Parent Comment – Written by Debra, whose daughter joined Bus Stop in 2011 and son who joined in 2012.

Our daughter went to Bus Stop from age 2 until she went to school and our son has been there from age 6 months, he is currently 2 and a half. Both children have really enjoyed their time in the nurturing, family run environment which caters for the individual needs of children in a caring yet fun environment. Both our children love to be outdoors and have benefitted from the Forest School ethos of Bus Stop. They have been out in all weathers, experiencing all that nature has to offer and developing a love and respect for the environment.

The Bus Stop staff encourage all aspects of development using countless techniques such as model-making, baking, cooking, drawing and painting. There are often opportunities to take part in classes such as Movement and Music or French, and there are termly concerts which the children learn songs for during the term.

All cultures are embraced and explored… our daughter took great delight in explaining exactly how we ought to decorate our house to celebrate Diwali. Our son particularly loves the huge sandpit and the rabbits and chickens! Overall we have been delighted with Bus Stop as a pre-school environment for our children and feel it offers so much more than your average day nursery.

Parent Comment – Written by Claire, whose son joined Bus Stop in 2014.

Louis was only 18months old when he began his journey at Bus Stop and as a mum you do wonder if you done the right thing. Yes, there were tears initially (parting is such sweet sorrow) but 5 months in and all I get now is a cursory glance from Louis as he charges inside for his next Bus Stop adventure. The adventures so far have ranged from drinking hot chocolate in the woods mmm nice, Mummy! to being a shepherd in the Christmas play ( tissues required) and everything else in between; mark making, climbing, icing biscuits, playing in the sandpit and generally getting filthy!

I always know Louis has had a good time when his back seat serenade of "Row, row, row, your boat" is interrupted by him pointing out the horses and cows on our route home.

It is still relatively early days but I am pleased we chose Bus Stop for Louis. He clearly enjoys his time there and is well cared for - always has his nose wiped or his hands cleaned before pick up. I've even had one of the dreaded "don't worry but..." phone calls to check on Louis' peculiar pink poo at nappy change time.....a very welcome and entirely necessary conversation about last night's strawberry jelly!

Parent Comment – Written by Emily, whose daughter joined Bus Stop in 2014.

Our three year old daughter loves Bus Stop and we are constantly amazed by the range of different things she learns about: such us fire safety; who to call in an emergency; how to count in German and French; how to make a pine cone bird feeder; how to make a broomstick etc etc.

We particularly love all the outdoor activities Bus Stop organises and all the walks they go on - to us learning about nature and the world around us is very important! The location of Bus Stop is so ideal too, being within the Polesden Lacey Estate and surrounded by so much nature. We couldn't have found a better pre-school for our daughter!

Parent Comment – Written by Maxine, whose daughter joined Bus Stop in 2013.

Bus Stop is 'Every toddlers dream! Getting back to nature in a truly wholesome and caring environment. From camp fires in the woods toasting marshmallows to singing harvest songs to the elderly, I can't fault it.  My daughter started at just 2 and absolutely loves it, cannot recommend this setting enough' 

Parent Comment – Written by Susan, whose son joined Bus Stop in 2013.

Having started our son at Bus Stop following recommendations from friends, we honestly believe it is one of those rare examples of what every parent dreams of finding in childcare for their children. Their unique location is a bonus but this wouldn’t mean anything to a 2 year old without all the fun and imaginative ways in which the Bus Stop team use their garden and the wider Polesden Estate for forest school and other outdoor activities. Every week something new for the children seems to appear in the garden for the children to sit on, hang from, hide in, touch, smell or generally wonder at.

We have been particularly impressed by how quickly the team got to know our little boy; their patience, vigilance and enthusiasm is evident as is a sense of helping all the children to let fly with their imagination, curiosity, immense capacity for learning and in being, well … children!!